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Students can use the guides to build confidence and work on research projects in any class.

Information Literacy

Information Literacy is an essential skill for college, career, and life.

Your understanding of how to find and use information is critical to your success
as a student and future professional.

AASL Standards

  • Learners demonstrate their desire to broaden and deepen understandings and commit to inclusiveness and respect for diversity.
  • Learners adjust their awareness of the global learning community by interacting with others who reflect a range of diverse perspectives.
  • Learners have the freedom to speak and hear what others have to say and construct their own ideas and meaning with real-world events.



Friendly School Librarian

Connie Nuss's picture
Connie Nuss
Chanhassen High School

School Libraries

In the school library, learners engage with relevant information resources and digital learning opportunities in a culture of reading. School librarians provide access to high-quality reading and information materials that encourage students to become lifelong learners and readers.

Short Video


Librarians are in libraries to help you with questions. Don't be afraid to ask them!

School librarians provide access to high quality reading and information materials in your school building that encourage students to become lifelong learners and readers.